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Friday, 20 January 2012 00:00

We have published the new article "Epigenetic typing of human cancer cell lines by BlsI- and GlaI-PCR assays". Short summary:


BlsI- and GlaI-PCR assays have been applied to determine a methylation status of regulatory regions of SEPT9b, IGFBP3, CEBPD, MGMT and RASSF1A tumor suppressor genes in malignant cell lines HeLa, Raji, U-937, Jurkat and in the control fibroblast cell line L-68. GlaI- and BlsI-PCR assays have shown either presence or absence of 5’-R(5mC)GY-3’ sites in the regulatory regions of the studied tumor suppressor genes depending on malignant cell line, which was a source of DNA preparation. Regulatory regions are methylated in different combinations in the studied malignant cell lines. At the same time no 5’-R(5mC)GY-3’ sites have been found in these regulatory regions in DNA from normal fibroblast cell line L-68. These results show that method of BlsI- and GlaI-PCR assays allow to determine and to discriminate malignant cell lines. Thus, BlsI- and GlaI-PCR assays may be used for epigenetic typing of malignant cell lines.


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